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(Which probably does not work within the iframe...) Related, but different on stackoverflow: Youtube embedded video views do not count Are You Tube view counts incremented when using the iframe Player?

Views That Don’t Count There are a few sources of views that don’t count, and a few things that will disqualify a view from counting.

One of the most common metrics to inflate is the view count, because it ties into the recommendation engine and the perceived influence of a video. You can bet that You Tube has a bunch of filtering in place.

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This makes You Tube's servers work a little slower with updating view counts.

Different video providers count views in different ways.

Videos hosted on Facebook count a view after a mere three seconds, taking advantage of both short videos and the short attention spans of people scrolling through their feeds.

Repeat views are legitimate in some cases, typically music videos and tutorials, but they often take place in a single session.

If the user is reloading the page each time they view the video, they’re probably trying to game the system and their repeat views won’t count.

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