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One of the worst aspects of the war was the absolutely disgraceful behavior of Muslim nations and communities worldwide: they all supported their supposed ‘brethren’ in Bosnia even though the latter were 1) useful idiots for the Empire 2) mostly secular and 3) when religious, then of an imported “Saudi wahhabi” kind (just like in Chechnia, by the way).

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There will come a day when Muslims will come to understand that fact and they will then reevaluate what they thought they knew about the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo.

Primakov, who passed away in 2015, was a highly respected statesman and diplomat, and his reputation remains so to this day.

His u-turn over the Atlantic will go down in history as the very first sign of Russian resistance to the Empire.

Some would say that this is just karmic justice, but I take no joy in that since the Muslim who ended up on the receiving end of the Empire’s policies were overwhelmingly innocent victims and not those politicians who allied themselves with modern Crusaders and Jews against their Orthodox neighbors.

Nowadays the (fictional) “genocide” of Bosnian-Muslims by Serb and, especially, the myth of Srebrenica is still used by the Empire to try to divide Orthodox Christians and Muslim to better rule over them all or, even better, to let them fight each other.

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