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Vent must be open during microwave use (No-Leak Lids items only).

When used for hot foods: Prepare and bake or microwave foods in your Pyrex glassware in accordance with the above safety and usage instructions.

Slide the hot/cold pack into the inside bottom of the carrying case.

Cleaning your portables accessories: Hot/cold pack: clean with a sponge or cloth using soap and hot water.

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There are two types of lids for your Pyrex glassware-glass lids and plastic lids.Can be used in a preheated oven, microwave oven, refrigerator or freezer.If the hot/cold pack becomes too stiff and does not fit inside the pocket of the carrier, you may have to let it set for up to two minutes until it softens so that it is flexible.Hot foods should be at appropriate temperature when placed into the carrying case.These warranties do not apply to items that are: used while camping; used commercially or institutionally; or damaged while moving or in related storage.

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