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He wonders if he will ever "get over" his depression, which makes him sink deeper into it.

He no longer feels worthy of the wonderful love the GOW brings, so he begins to withdraw from her.

There are many books on grief that you may want to read, as recognizing the stages will put your mind at ease quite a bit.

Just remember that this is part & parcel of Loving A Widower….

Though these episodes apepar to come out of nowhere, there are usually signs: Holidays and death anniversaries are common grief triggers.

The magnitude of what he is feeling is just as confounding to him as it is to you.

Hey, it’s Friday and maybe you have a date this weekend. Or maybe there’s still a cheater snoring on your sofa. Today’s Friday challenge is How to Fix Your Picker.

Although I caution GOWs NOT to play the grief counsellor, there are things you CAN do to bring grief to the surface.

When unresolved/delayed grief collides with new love, the W can suddenly turn into someone you don't recognize.

His moods change, and he often breaks off the relationship without warning and without explanation.

Choose a competent person with a job and their own money. Women fall for the caretaker role too — they jump in as “mommy” and polish the jerk up, find them employment, manage their life. Healthy people aren’t looking for parents and life coaches.

They want to be a caretaker, feel needed and powerful, and are flattered by apparent “helplessness”.

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