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A large, redfaced man driving a tanker in the next lane gives him a look. The younger son starts jumping up and down in his seat with excitement.Fox zips down through the roof, rips a sheet of paper from his notebook, and scribbles his autograph and passes it out the window to an outstretched hand., is speeding to Kennedy Airport in a black stretch limo. Fox turns to a middle-class family driving up in a maroon Ford on the other side of the limo.He decides he'd like some air and sticks his head out through the sun roof. One by one, their faces light up as if they'd just caught a moonbeam. Fox opens the door of his mature Metropolitan Home kind of house (hardwood floors, fireplaces, three bedrooms) in L. He is as unlikely a superstar as Mickey Rooney (whose stature he shares) or Jack Benny (whose timing he shares) or his idol Jimmy Cagney (whose squat determination he shares).A.’s Laurel Canyon, you look at him and can’t help wanting to ask, “Is your daddy home? He’s reached the heights without Madonna‘s navel, Schwarzenegger’s flex or Sean Penn’s punch. Just listen to him: On his good fortune: “Back to the Future came out of nowhere.

In fact, his first professional acting job, at 15, was a TV series role written for a 10-year-old.

At one point in my life, I read everything I could about North American Indians. I felt the same way about Bob that Marty Mc Fly felt about Doc. , but to me, because of its–"message of love" is going to come out of my mouth, and it tastes like a bad Pepsi, but that's an important message. You used to play the guitar, and it must have been sort of a dream come true to play it in the high-school-dance scene of . After seeing the first edit, Bob [Zemeckis] asked me what I thought of it, and I said. " But I wanted people to know I was really playing that stuff [the music actually heard on the soundtrack was played by session musicians]. I'll save you by sending you off into the future now.

I often wondered what it would be like to be dumped in the middle of an Indian culture–a world without corners–and experience that. It's got five or six people, new show every night, new script, same players. I had a great guitar teacher named Paul Hanson, who used to talk normally, but after teaching a lot of L. kids, he started to talk like, "Hey, dude, it was way bitchin'. I think if I were in politics, I'd be a diplomat and eat canapes. If you could go forward in time, who would you go with?

After the limo drops Fox off, I turn to his driver and bodyguard of four days and say, "What a good kid." "He's not a kid," the driver replies.

"Lots of people misunderstand because of the roles he plays.

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