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It’s been 19 years of togetherness and the spark in Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s married life is still alive.You might not spot them sharing intimate moments in the public or professing their love in front of the paparazzi.In his own words, Ajay once said, “We never resorted to the usual ‘I Love you’ routine. Talking about her husband, Kajol once said, “He is not a romantic person who will buy me a rose on a Valentine’s Day and I have to always remind him our wedding anniversary three days in advance but he always looks out for me.I never feel unsafe anywhere because I know he is always behind me standing there for me.I didn’t want to do only that and to only live like that. So I assumed that I would get married and do one film a year. According to reports, the couple along with their son is in Singapore to ring in their anniversary with Nysa, who is studying there.Kajol and Ajay Devgn first met on the sets of 1995 film Gundaraj.But here, Ajay and Kajol didn’t even become friends.

Check out the wedding photos of Ajay Devgn and Kajol: Until a couple of years back, Kajol and Ajay preferred keeping their private lives private.

The two could set a million hearts racing with their killer chemistry and were the perfect pair for Bollywood's romantic plots.

The couple, with a 100 percent hit record at the box office, were first seen together in .

Speaking on a chat show some time back, Kajol had said her first reaction on meeting Ajay was: “What kind of a guy is he, doesn’t talk, smokes like a chimney.” As they went on to do films together, they became friends.

It appears Kajol had happily friendzoned Ajay and was dating someone else at that time. On the same chat show, she said, “It was in the middle of a shot of one of the films we were doing together, when I realized that Ajay was going to play a very crucial role in my life.

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