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I went back to my old school once wearing heels and a skirt - it's not done really, but I was trying to work the casual look.Anyway, I was stood on my tiptoes on a grassy school field and found myself discussing how to avoid cobblestones or grass when wearing high heels.Eddie Izzard has taken it upon himself to do something extremely difficult and inspirational — run 27 marathons in 27 days for the charity Sport Relief. The comedian who once ran 43 marathons in 52 days for the charity, has decided to run one marathon for each year Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. On top of it all, Eddie is also using the exposure to help send a great message as he gave an inspirational speech about coming out as transgender. Cabinet Secretary Heywood, nicknamed Sir Cover-up, dragged his reputation even lower when he allowed the Civil Service to become highly involved in the early part of the campaign, allowing £9 million of public money to be spent on Remain leaflets. Bob Geldof: The self-obsessed grubby former pop star gave a two-fingered salute to fishermen at a Brexit protest outside Parliament while cross-dressing comedian Eddie Izzard was ridiculed for his Question Time appearance Churchill’s grandson and cheerleader for Remain, who insisted — ludicrously — his grandfather would have voted to stay in Europe.

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And nationalism is you saying your country is better than the other, and in fact you’ll take it to them and start invading them, which is what Hitler did.”Izzard reiterated his ambition to stand as Labour’s candidate for London Mayor in 2020, although there may not be a vacancy if the party wins the 2016 election.

Gillian Duffy: The plain-speaking Rochdale pensioner (right), famously branded a bigot by Gordon Brown after challenging him on immigration during the 2010 election campaign, has finally been vindicated The JCB tycoon and long-time chum of David Cameron was another who courageously put principle before friendship by writing to his company’s 6,500 employees in the UK to explain why Britain could thrive outside the European Union. Jeremy Corbyn: One thing you used to be able to say about Labour’s eccentric leader was that he stuck to his principles.

The 44-year-old Employment Minister has been brave and committed, and even had to withstand a dressing down from Cameron at No 10 for blaming the shortage of school places on ‘uncontrolled immigration’. Chief scaremonger of Project Fear, he made himself look ludicrous and irresponsible, and was fatally undermined when he threatened to introduce an emergency ‘punishment budget’ with huge tax rises and spending cuts in the event of a Brexit vote. Rowling and Benedict Cumberbatch : The luvvies came out for Remain, but couldn’t win over a population sick to death of being told how to vote by rich actors who think they’re as clever as the lines they recite He let the cat out of the bag early on by admitting to a Commons select committee that working-class wages would rise if we left the EU. After lifelong Eurosceptic Corbyn campaigned (half-heartedly) for Remain, we can’t even say that Formerly of Goldman Sachs, the Canadian-born Bank of England governor, 51, put the so-called independence of the Bank to one side by repeatedly appearing to side with Remain with ominous warnings of gloom.

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