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New web-camera in Bangok, which allows you to see the vast panorama of this huge metropolis in real time.The location of this camera is the facade of the five-star The Continent Hotel Bangkok.

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For those who do not yet represent the location of the BTS stations in Bangkok, you can clarify that this is the Sukhumvit highway – the main highway of all of Thailand, which runs through the entire eastern part of the country.I do not know what it is connected, but my tedious searching for many months did not allow to find a really interesting webcams, worthy of attention.Almost all found on the internet – it is described camera slideshow, most of them to the same or does not work at all, or only rarely provides a changing image with low resolution, that looking at which there is no pleasure.A feature of this shopping center is its location near the historic part of the Thai capital, and Yodpiman River Walk is located directly on the waterfront of the river Chao Phraya (Chao Phraya).This arrangement of the shopping center made it a popular place not only for shopping in Bangkok, but also for walking in the evening and at night, when the heat of the day gives way to a more comfortable temperature for walks in the open air.

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