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If you know that pain or submission turns you on, you can also explain how that feels for you.

For example, it’s not that pain doesn’t hurt necessarily, but that you don’t experience it in a negative way.

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To really dive into the submissive role, you can ask your partner whether you can perform certain actions, such as bringing yourself to orgasm or changing position (100 sex positions here).

While you can’t force the desire to dominate in another person, you can highlight how powerful he will feel by taking on that mantle so that he can make demands of and perform erotic activities with you.

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Furthermore, if your partner wants you to be submissive but you’re not naturally inclined to be that way, the best you might be able to do is to play a bottom for the scene.

For more tips on roleplaying, check out this guide on roleplaying.If you’re engaging in BDSM with sex, you might find that giving oral sex to your partner helps you feel submissive.This instructional video may be a bit shocking for you, but it will teach you how to make any man completely & utterly obsessed with you & only you by using 3 simple techniques. The feeling of power that a person often feels when receiving oral sex certainly lends itself to the power exchange you’re looking for.If this is the case, then you simply need to explain it to him.Instead, you should look for the ways to show submission to your partner that you are personally comfortable with.

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