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“According to information provided by policemen stationed in Bełżec,” states a report prepared by a commission visiting Bełżec on Oct.10, 1945, “the area of the camp has been dug up by local people looking for gold and precious stones left by murdered Jews.Given the size of the site, approximating that of a sports stadium, it must have looked like a busy anthill. Like Treblinka, Bełżec was dismantled by the Germans, and the camp’s terrain was plowed over, and trees and grass were planted to cover mass graves.

Something feels off-kilter about the landscape, which cannot be pegged easily to a geographical location.

The latrine area in Bełżec yielded also small skeletons—most likely of Jewish children who had been drowned there by camp guards.

The area surrounding the death camps was indeed, as Rachela Auerbach suggested, a Polish Colorado—not just on account of what happened there after the war, but mainly during the war.

The peasants have been digging through remains of Holocaust victims, hoping to find gold and precious stones that their Nazi executioners may have overlooked.

This innocent-looking image links two central events of the Holocaust—the mass murder of European Jews and the accompanying looting of their property.

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