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See if any MPRs that apply authentication or authorization workflows are listed on this page.

If any MPRs that apply authentication or authorization workflows are listed on the Applied Policy page, view the value of the Request Status Detail attribute of the request resource.

The production FIM Service may fail to start workflow activities with the incorrect version number.

To determine if an Action workflow triggered by the request failed, first view the Request Status Detail attribute of the request to see if any errors were logged by workflows run for the request.

The following steps can be taken to identify the error that prevented the request from succeeding: If the workflow was part of a configuration migration, ensure that the product version numbers were the same.

While migrating configurations across version numbers is not recommended or supported, you can often do this by replacing the pilot version number with the production version number in

Extending these timeout settings may be needed for some large operations such as the creation, modification, or deletion of a large set or group. To avoid a timeout in the FIM Portal, the timeout In Milliseconds setting in the resource Management Client section of the Microsoft. The Microsoft Identity Integration Server (IIS) World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC) must be restarted for the FIM Portal configuration setting changes to take effect.

The timeout settings can be modified in the Microsoft. You can verify if the requested operation timed out by analyzing the FIM Application Log in the Event Viewer and searching for an error event around the same time of the failed request.

If the information in the Request Status Detail attribute does not help to diagnose the problem, perform the following procedure.

Specifically, Workflow Definition and Activity Information Configuration objects require the version number to refer precisely to workflow activities in the production environment.

Failing to replace the version number results in the Compare-FIMConfig cmdlet identifying differences between the XOML attributes on Workflow Definitions and migrating the pilot’s version number.

If running authorization or Action workflows were found for the request, refer to Scenario: A workflow’s status may be stuck.

A request with a Request Status of Canceling has had a Cancel command issued to it and is waiting for the request’s associated workflows to finish or be canceled and any Collateral Requests to finish or be canceled.

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