Updating damn small linux firefox

As of version 1.6, an Authentication window will appear at startup, which will ask your user password.This is the password you use when logging into your Mac and is needed for SUDO access. After restarting Apple Pi-Baker, the password will be asked again.It was originally just a little tool for myself, but it seems it has become quite popular even amongst non-Raspberry Pi users for flashing not just SD cards but also USB sticks.Changes in v1.9.1: – First of all, sorry for not keeping properly track here, seems I forgot to mention a few version – Improved backup/restore specifically for larger SD cards – Fixed bootable restore issues when restorin a NOOBS/Raspbian image – Fixed bug with ZIP backup/restore – Added activity indicator Changes in v1.73: – Hopefully, finally, resolved the freeze after entering the Sudo password – Retina support – Enabled making backups of read-only drives Changes in v1.71 and v1.72: – New great icon by Kray Mitchell – thanks again Kray for the excellent work!In the “” field, then no file dialog will appear and the file selected there will be used instead (practical if you’d like to flash the same image more than once).The process for flashing an IMG is a little more complicated: First the device will be totally erased and a single partition will be created (FAT-32/MBR).– Better Media information (type and if it’s read-only or not).

Be aware though that aborting a restore might leave you with a corrupted SD-card or USB-drive – repartitioning or restoring another image will make the card or drive useable as usual.

Obviously I cannot address issue when they are not know to me, so please: report issues here.

For those that use a Mac with a Retina screen: Use Retinizer to make the application look better on a Retina screen (Thank Thorin for the tip! Unfortunately, at this time anyway, Lazarus Pascal still uses Carbon components, …

For Mac OS X users that have read the article on “How to get an Operating System on a SD-Card“; there are several ways to flash an IMG file on an SD-card, or create NOOBS SD-cards.

None of these tools or methods were to my liking so I threw together an application that can do it the way I like it: The Apple Pi-Baker.

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