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Why, then, psychologically, do people pursue influence?Is it an unequivocally attractive prospect for self-promotion?The study, published in the , points out that it’s the parents who feel powerless relative to a demanding child are most likely to end up physically abusing their children.Maybe it’s those who feel low-power because of personal insecurity, no matter the reality of their actual position in a hierarchy, who experience opportunities to wield real power as long-awaited chances to control others.Some hold positions of power yet may still be feeling inadequate or insecure, or perhaps the trappings of power did not deliver the real authority they had been hoping for.

Certainly, this will have the positive effect of making some men understand that consent is extremely important.Acute increases in a sense of power among men who were already confident about being of genuine high power, in fact, lead to hostile sexism towards women.A recent study using a male-dominated video game found female players were more likely to be harassed by male players whose recent performance had been weak rather than strong, suggesting insecurity about their status as players underpinned the abuse.This is unfair and forces us into stereotypical behavior.Why can't women enjoy sex without consequences as males always have? And what's going on right now is that men can't have it as much without consequences as before, particularly when it's not consensual.

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