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She let me look at myself for a while before freeing me from my tight cape encased prison.

I looked like a real sissy now, but at the moment I had been too chastened for any rebellion.

Finally Nicole took me over to a mirror above a desk and I could see myself from the shoulders up. Nicole frowned and said, “ I think you look fabulous. The color is perfect for your skin tone, the length is perfect for your face and neck, and the top curls send the message I want all to get when they see you,” she said, turning and looking me in the eye for effect.

I knew what she meant.s="Mso Normal" Until I complied, until I acted like her daughter, until I accepted this transformation as my fate, she would present me in public as a sissy, her sissy, Nicole’s step sissy. Maybe I should masturbate at night, regardless of what I was wearing.

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I’d done aerobics Thursday and was told I’d be doing them often, for weight loss and waist slimming.

I was also doing exercises at night for “bust enhancement.” As embarrassing as these were, the aerobics I’d done with Nicole and Virginia were humiliating because of the way they insisted I move while doing them.

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