Two way sex came

She began to finger style and pick comb each curl until I had this cap of tight ringlets atop my head.After she applied some hair spray she added a small red bow on the right side.Her hair is done in a bubble cut by Miss Nanette.” Mother and Virginia smiled as I was finally presented to them.“ Do you like the cut, color and style Rhonda? I absentmindedly reached up and patted it, taking my hand away as I realized this action could be discerned as a “primp.” All noted and smiled.

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When I turned to kiss her back though, she warned me, “ No, no princess. I’m running this show.” Suddenly I erupted with a breathy, “ Oh no!Mustering all the courage I could, I said, “ Yes I like everything about my hair. As long as I thought about girls, why would I care? Thursday my main job wash scrubbing and washing all the panties in the house, hanging them out to dry and folding and putting these away.The makeup is nice also.” Mother looked at me suspiciously and said, “ We’ll see next week. ” It was getting late and Nanette had to be home. I was being bombarded with female stimuli in the hope I would cave in.Finally Nicole took me over to a mirror above a desk and I could see myself from the shoulders up. Nicole frowned and said, “ I think you look fabulous. The color is perfect for your skin tone, the length is perfect for your face and neck, and the top curls send the message I want all to get when they see you,” she said, turning and looking me in the eye for effect.I knew what she meant.s="Mso Normal" Until I complied, until I acted like her daughter, until I accepted this transformation as my fate, she would present me in public as a sissy, her sissy, Nicole’s step sissy. Maybe I should masturbate at night, regardless of what I was wearing.

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