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However, this site hasn’t really been about looking at blurry photos of attention craving teenagers for quite some time.Instead, it’s fallen into a weird state of pseudo-anarchy, where a lot of very bored people flood the main forum with inane messages, terrible attempts at jokes, and a wide variety of slurs.The Content Half discussion forum and half picture rating site, Buddy Pic is the place to be if you’re in desperate need of attention.Users are required to upload a photo of themselves before they can post, and most conversations come from people telling each other how attractive or ugly they are.– Here you see the 100 largest and most popular IRC networks that take part in's comparison, but please consider that there are still some big non-competitive IRC networks!There are a huge number of communities online, and the range of conversation topics is limitless. Looking to find people who love Japanese schoolgirls as much as you do? Most Internet communities are small and specialised, because there are only so many people in the world interested in a certain TV show or disgusting fetish.The Content IGN is among the largest entertainment websites, so it’s no surprise that their community is well populated.Most of the discussions stem from video games, but there are also plenty of conversations about movies, TV and comic books.

It’s like the Internet equivalent of Somalia, except with more dick jokes.There are more general topics of discussion too, but the vast majority of users spend their time ogling pictures of the opposite sex.And since this is the Internet, the board dedicated to looking at pictures of girls is more popular than the one for checking out guys.Say you want to talk about sports—there are plenty of discussion forums out there for you. But the following ten are so big they’ve become Internet landmarks.The Stats 72,366,965 posts and about 200 users at any given time.

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