Tom daley and sophie lee dating

He said: "It's a bit strange coming back to school but it will all be normal again soon.

My favourite subject is Spanish - don't know why but I really enjoy it.

They all treat me as a normal boy and don't see me as anything different." His friend Sophie Lee, 14, said: "I've even seen kids in school asking for his autograph but to me he is a just a normal friend." The headteacher Katrina Borowski said: "It's great to have Tom back at the college because he is a super role model and a credit to the whole school.

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Many commenters suspected the relationship between Olympic super-twink Tom Daley and Academy Award-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black wouldn’t last more than a month when we first reported they were dating back in December, but it has happened. Tom and DLB have officially been out to the media for 139 days, though Tom has revealed that they met at a party much earlier than that. They’re apparently back from their trip around the world: So, naysayers.

The two posed for a selfie with Tom’s bestie Sophie Lee yesterday.

Given the fact that they’ve been together for at least six months, how much longer will Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black stick together?

For most couples Valentine’s Day tends to consist of some naff, glitter-dusted roses and a box of chocolates from the local petrol station.

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