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Tomiko was especially kind to her daughter this evening.

She held Yukiko's hand, stroked her hair, and explained various things about the children's story Tsutomu was narrating.

Along the way they grab a hostage (Hunt) who works for O'Keefe's lawyer.

O'Keefe and Hunt eventually fall for each other, leaving the jealous Trevor feeling like a third wheel.

Both couples looked super lovey dovey cozied up to each other, and what made it even more adorable was that Taylor's model bestie Karlie Kloss tagged along and pretty much made being a fifth wheel look like the best job ever. Fifth-wheeling on a Talvin/GIJoe double date is practically the biggest honor ever, which is probs why Karlie can't stop smiling.

O'Keefe plays an escaped convict on the run with his moll (Trevor).This Puppet Cabaret is a bright combination of music, dance and humour."The Fifth Wheel" presents its "Cabaret on strings" - a musical marionette show in the genre of puppet comedy.From Spain to Mexico, then to middle east, The Fifth Wheel will take you to a wonderful journey of fun.Burr is the hood O'Keefe took the rap for, and Ireland is Burr's vicious henchman.The cast in this hard-boiled and fast-paced noir is excellent, especially Trevor as the lovesick tag-a-long.

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