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The colorization is wonderfully done with a special mention about the lip and tongue of the succubus (and the hot / cold contrast in the choice of the colors). Now, about the sex, without surprise, the girl is dominant and the sexual intercourses mainly depicted coercive successive ejaculations of the guy in response of various masturbations by the loli demon as well as vagina sex.

As usual with this kind of product, you can enjoy the major part without understand a word of Japanese.

You can unlock all scenes after finish the game Overall, very satisfy with , there are not many quality game with this price.

Spellbound girlfriend is about a young girl who uses a curse doll to paralyze her boyfriend and have sex with him.

In conclusion, if you like skinny flat chested teen and ahegao, this is a solid choice.

As mentioned in the presentation of the product (in Japanese), the story is simple: a guy summons a succubus and the lewd demon plan to take his life with his last drop of sperm.

A feature I really appreciated was being able to have the sex scenes progress automatically with the text hidden, many other similar games don't offer this kind of text functionality, if you can't read the text there's really no need to display it, it feels like they accounted for this when developing this game. Gameplay: The main concept is a stealth-based, but with a turn-base rpg mechanic(as it use rgp gameengine).

The stealth mechanic is simple, avoid enemy's line of sight, but require patient and time to finish the stage. Your goal for each stage is to search the objective keys, find the boss's room and defeat him.

She is dominative without being violent; try to psychologically torment her prey with a lovely smile; show some vulnerability but is invincible and; finally decide her fate from the beginning to the end. The characters are full of details, the design of Miyu is great and her facial expressions mix perfectly her innocent and sadistic nature.In the stage, if you can approach the enemy without being detected, you will have the advantage in the battle, but if you get cough, the battle will be very tough that it require a good weapon and some amount of items to win the battle, even it is a easy difficulty.To defeat boss, you can choose between find extra item to defeat boss or approach him directly. You can go for attacking skill, debuffing skill, or seducing skill(use to avoid battle if you get cough) CG Scene: Very decent artwork. H-scene, mainly, just normal sex(with one mindbreak, one pregnant, and one tentacle.There are a lot of doors / passages and you will have to find the right one to reach the end of the stage (or activate the switch which unlocks the door leading to the end of the stage).If many foes came from one side or other of the screen, I enjoyed the fact that they also came from other ways (doors, background, etc…).

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