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Also described as a "high maintenance" female, she has been shown to dress constantly in a stylish manner.

Nicole is also become notable for her many relationships.

And she dresses stylishly – she's very high maintenance, which is fun to play." The serial's official website describe her as: "Nicole might come off as a bitchy princess to some people, she's not malicious.

She's simply as shallow as a puddle, and while she might cause others emotional pain, it's totally unintentional." They also state: "Nicole is a girl who lives to have fun, and she is fun if you accept her for who she is.

Aden had a strong fanbase from his previous relationship with Belle Taylor.

This resulted in the audience being divided over their relationship.

James and the writing team took the storyline "very seriously" and conducted research to portray the issue sensitively.

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In one storyline Nicole was involved in a same sex kiss with fellow character Freya Duric, which was branded controversial by various media sources.

Nicole nearly drowns in scenes which aired for the serial's "cliff-hanger" in 2008.

James and Lewis took scuba diving lessons in preparation for the storyline.

She has also been likened to celebrities because of her glamorous image.

In January 2008 it was announced that ex-Neighbours star Tessa James had been cast as Nicole.

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