Spouse is visiting dating websites

If you don’t have anti-virus protection on your computer, you should get it for a lot of reasons – spying by your spouse is the least of your worries.

Your spouse may be able to install a program like phonesheriff INVESTIGATOR that allows him or her to view your text messages, call history, GPS location, contacts, photos, and other information.

Thus, if one spouse knew that the other was cheating, and forgave or accepted it, then the court would not consider infidelity a factor in awarding alimony.

If you’re the one who cheated before, then your spouse has good reason to be suspicious. An insecure spouse might want the reassurance that you’re cheating or lying. They know knowledge is power and they want to have power over other people.

Knowing what you’re up to – even if it’s completely innocent – makes them feel like they’re in charge.

If you cheating or otherwise hiding something, then you may be leaving clues all over the place – a whispered phone conversation, a quick change of computer screens, unexplained expenses, etc.

Maybe your spouse has asked you straight out about these things; maybe he or she is afraid to.

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