Spikey webcam

He doesn't serve food but I have known him order food for his customers from other local restaurants and is happy for people to eat there.

There is information on how the hardware works and new unofficial firmware, that mainly addresses issues on accessing linux and has the capability of mounting network or USB partitions in linux.

They don't serve food here but that doesn't seem to affect their business as it always seemed to be busy later in the evening. We stupidly kept going back, thinking that the owner/barman might just recognise us.

He has a script "Hi guys..." and clearly does not recognise returning customers.

As of May 2010 (possibly earlier), the full source code for the robot firmware, as well as documentation, has been made available, see: A home made robot daemon open source project (named Phobos Daemon) is available on spykeewiki as well.

The aftermarket daemon supports all the basic functionality of Spykee and has additional features.

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