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Javier de Burgos's division is practically the same as the short-lived 1822 territorial division of Spain, dating from the "Liberal Trienium" (Trienio Liberal), but without the provinces of Calatayud, Vierzo, and Játiva; also, in contrast to the 1822 division, several provinces were given names other than those of their capitals.Rather than the merit of having initiated, directed and produced a new provincial division of Spain, Don Javier de Burgos deserves credit for the courage and political will have put in place the previous division of 1822 with the adjustments and modifications that he believed appropriate.The paper ends by noting that heritage legislation in Spain is gradually including industrial heritage and that, in Valencia, industrial brick chimneys of merit, constructed before 1940, are now protected.

If that doesn’t sound like the name of a typical Jewish house of prayer, that’s because it’s a church.Navarre was still a semi-autonomous kingdom with its own parliament and government—the Cortes and Diputación—while Álava, Gipuzkoa and Biscay (the Basque Provinces, known also as "Biscay" up to the Peninsular War), were also autonomous.News of the central government's decision overruling native institutions spread to the Basque districts, sparking uproar and anger.The paper reviews the origin of these chimneys and illustrates their various types of construction using both historical photographs of lost chimneys and photographs of some spectacular ones that have survived.In an interview with the author, one of the last great chimney builders explained how to erect a helical chimney using the tool he invented for the purpose.

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