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Though not intentional on their part, those questions stung me a little bit. In the back of my mind, I hear this little voice say, “Your wife is your soul-mate, right? Though we agree on many subjects and share the same faith, I think that the verdict, by many popular standards today, would stand.

Something in me wanted to tell them that my wife and I had big plans and that we had many things that we naturally like to do together. You dated and found yourselves to have much in common. “Tall Dude, you may have found a friend, but you did not find and marry your soul mate.” Having said all of that, though, I am undaunted.

Actually, my main concern should have been if she could be – not more complete, but somehow better off from having known me. I can help her tend it because she gets joy out of watching it bear fruit, and I get joy out of watching her get joy (plus, I love tomatoes). Besides, she will be the first to tell you that anywhere with me is anything but boring. The process of “soul-mating” is always the main thing. I am vested in knowing and loving my wife for who she is without sacrificing in any way who I am.

I don’t mean this in some arrogant way, but in some hopeful and tangible way that she too could plainly see and feel. I can also build my wife a hothouse or a flower bed or a tool shed. AND, should I have to sacrifice something, I want the sacrifice to be for my greater want of blessing her life – a life which I am coming to see as not greater that my own, but as my own.

I think that determining in the heart to give one’s heart to another for the purpose of honoring and enriching the life of that person has more to do with having a soul mate than anything else.

After lunch, our three children (who did a fine job engaging our guests I might add) disappeared into their rooms.

At the start of this human experiment, we knew we were brilliant and loving and decided to give up that power in order to create evolution.

We imagined that we could grow the love greater and bigger. At least that is what I imagine the cosmic story to be.

The dialog then drifted into the area of parenting, and, from there, the couple asked a series of questions on a subject that I really hadn’t given much thought. The truth is, I don’t think that anyone (or any website, for that matter) who really knew both of us back then would have put my wife and I on a date.

The questioning went like this: What were my wife and I going to do with ourselves once the children were out of the house? Do we plan on doing those things again once its just us? Our interests were different, our hobbies were different, our personalities and backgrounds were different…

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