Soul dating to soul mating is there any dating sites usa

I am a healer and came up with these theories out of my experience.

The questioning went like this: What were my wife and I going to do with ourselves once the children were out of the house? Do we plan on doing those things again once its just us? Our interests were different, our hobbies were different, our personalities and backgrounds were different…

She can appreciate my efforts (I love affirmation). She is, after all, my soul mate and not someone that I park in our garage or plan to take for a spin more often once the kids are out of the house.

Twenty-five years from now, if death does not depart us, I hope to find myself even more “soul mated” to this wonderful, inquisitive, and precious woman.

I think the problem lies within our soul structure. Most of us do not know our soul mate, so in order to fill the void; we eat, buy, medicate, or overwork.

Consumer culture breeds and depends on neediness to keep us buying goods.

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