Shroud of turin dating 2016

The Council for Study of the Turin Shroud also made another important evaluation of the Shroud.They noted that early depictions of Jesus match certain details of the facial image found on the Shroud. Catharine’s Monastery at Sinai is one of the oldest Byzantine religious icons which dates to the 6 century (i.e., 500-599 A. For more information on the Christ Pantocrator painting, see

Whatever the image is, it certainly did not come from a painter’s brush. The pollen and the imprints match flowers found in the vicinity of Jerusalem including the pistacia lentiscua, the chrysanthemum coronarium, and the gundelia tourneforii (Whanger and Whanger,, 2015).

The blood has been confirmed as authentic hemoglobin and identified as Type AB.

As archeologist Ted Wright noted recently on The Bellator Christi Podcast, when researching the Shroud, we can rule out several things that the Shroud is not.

By Brian Chilton| The Shroud of Turin is perhaps one of the most controversial artifacts of all-time.

Either it is one of the most incredible, holy relics related to Jesus of Nazareth or it is one of the most ingenious hoaxes ever invented.

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