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Lucky for us, Violet was more than happy to discuss what singles in Singapore are doing wrong, and how they can change their situation.

We also gauge their character based on hobbies and interests. I’m not saying that all this is wrong, just that it only touches the surface of someone’s character.

Rather than just jumping around from person to person asking ‘which movies do you like?

’ or ‘what was the last holiday you went on,’ you really need to find an opportunity to go a bit deeper.

A lot of singles think they’re single for a long time simply because they haven’t met the right one, but there’s more to it than that.

When it comes to finding the right one, it’s not just about finding the right one but being the right one and choosing the right one. People who find someone quickly are already the right one. So for us, that means simply helping them meet more people. They might have emotional baggage from previous relationships, certain wrong mindsets, or an attitude of complaining. One of the biggest complaints we hear about Singaporean guys is that they’re so passive, and yet they don’t like it when women chase them.

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