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So it was amazing to see all these people gathered and find out what items they’d brought, but it was also really awkward.

SA: Well I think there are other bands that come from a similar mindset to us, just not many.

So if you want to hang with a Jew, you need to identify with his faith and lifestyle.

Suffice it to say that Shiksas are traditionally viewed as the attractive, mysterious, and forbidden other -- and not always in a flattering way.

SA: We both just live and breathe music, there’s very little outside of that.

Generally speaking that instantly conjures up images of nasty sounding cheap ‘80s sounds, which we are firmly NOT interested in.

We’ll never end up doing anything like the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s 3rd album though, we’re pretty firmly a guitar rock band, that’s for sure.

SA: Actually it wasn’t nerves it was heat exhaustion, I used to get so hot from drumming and singing in tiny clubs, that I’d black out and puke a lot.

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) and her overindulgence in stereotyping, I found Ms.We’re from a punk rock background; we’re just as ambitious as those other bands but we don’t want to soften our sound out or just do ANYTHING to get there.Actually that’s my favourite video we’ve ever made.The photographer had the idea and it had no relation to our band or what we are.I regret doing those photos because they won’t fucking go away and they don’t suit our band at all.

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