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“Having lived through something that traumatic, he was able to talk about it in a way people who may not have experienced it can better understand.

We were really sad to hear about his passing.” Although he was never able to serve because of health reasons, Lee said Bellah was very involved in supporting the armed forces and helped to fund a veterans memorial in the Franklin Township Park.

Charles, Geneva and Batavia, and located in the distinguished Batavia School District.

“Les always had the village at heart.” Growing up, Lee said her father had a rough childhood that involved him moving around constantly and spending some time within the foster care system.

“I think that added to his need and desire to always have an open ear, always have open arms and always have an open door,” Lee said.

“The community certainly should recognize his efforts and mourn his loss.” In honor of his 30 years of service to Kirkland, the Illinois House presented Bellah with a special certificate for helping to shape and guide his community.

“He demonstrated his compassion and leadership during that tornado, and I guess you could say he was really tested by fire,” Pritchard said.

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