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Immense feelings of unity, love, and trust that may lead to deep bonds and spiritual experiences. Dosage is usually similar to MDMA, about 80-120 mg or a mostly full small (size 4) capsule, depending on the consistency of the powder.

It is known colloquially as “Gentleman’s Speed” for this reason.Thus, it is speculated that 4-FA acting as a releasing agent for three neurotransmitters with a more balanced extent among the three may be the reason for its subjective effects that are somewhere in between amphetamine and MDMA- dopamine and norepinephrine releasing agents are generally more “speedy” and serotonin releasing agents are generally more empathogenic.However, the exact nuances of how pharmacological differences correspond to subjective differences remains speculative The character of the 4-FA experiences is usually described as less overtly stimulating than speed or coke, and less "lovey" than MDMA (you might not be asking to pet a strangers hair while waiting in the bathroom line for example - but you still might).The physical effects are marked by increased alertness, heart rate, blood pressure, appetite suppression, bruxism (jaw clenching), and nystagmus (eye wiggles).Seizures appear to be rare but possible, especially in those prone or physically stressed.

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