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And if it has an impact, what are the trade-offs and synergies of financial inclusion when it comes to balancing growth and stability?

Are there risks that financial inclusion leads to “too much finance?

Having welcomed all of you to this graduation ceremony, I find it fitting and appropriate to state that the Certificate Programme in “Community-Based Work with Children and Youth” on which we wish to present the first graduates, was designed to address a gap in the skills in respect of people who work with children and youth, especially in per-urban and rural settings.

With today’s graduation, Botswana forms part of the programme’s third cycle of delivery in East and Southern Africa.

Besides improving individuals’ lives, does financial inclusion make a significant impact at the country level, or even at the global level?We pride ourselves with the representation of Stanbic Bank here this morning, for the Bank was quick to respond to the call for industry to land a helping hand to the training of the graduates we will be celebrating.Our hope is that going forward, other industry players will emulate the wonderful example you have set. Fourthly, it is my humble honour to welcome the Dean from UKZN, REPSSI Executive Director and Other partners who have worked tirelessly to ensure success of the programme whose graduates we celebrate today.We value this programme and its related partnership for it spurs us on as we work against all odds to transform BOCODOL into an Open University in the current National Plan period.Director of Ceremonies, distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, you are once again all welcome.

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