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So, here's where we come to the downside of a cast of mostly motivated young people who mostly invest themselves in getting along: the results can be kind of boring.

The last half of this episode was a total chore to slog through (especially during the repeat viewing required for screen grabs and such).

However, this doesn’t mean that he will compromise his firm beliefs – no alcohol and no premarital sex.

Chet may not chug beer with his fraternity brothers, but he will take care of them when they get drunk – and sometimes play a prank or two.

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She lives for the lime light, whether it’s center stage or at the center of the club.From the looks of it, her necessary introspection has helped her figure out exactly what she likes (that'd be ) and how she's going to get it. She really needs to make that happen quickly before someone else has the same idea! He's cute and sweet and I like when his legs are open and all, but I'm not sure if he's got much of a future with his samey songs. I can't think of any greater pop-cultural example of a transgender woman being allowed to be the normal sexual being that she is. Although, what the fuck is this relationship she has where she can't talk about the way she feels? After all, in her words, everyone's a little charming when they play music. Sometimes he looks like Ellen De Generes and sometimes he sings about the same things as Ani Di Franco. All I'm saying is he has "lesbian icon" written all over him. Also, in most other situations I'd bitch about his repetitiveness ("I served in Iraq..wrote a song! " "Your voice is like Iraq to my ears." "Let's play Iraqical chairs! For the first time, brings together eight (not seven) complex individuals from different cultural backgrounds under one roof.An Iraq war veteran, a former beauty queen, a hip hop dancing hippie, a punk rock Mormon, a dolphin trainer, a computer geek, an abs model and an advocate for victims of abuse all pursue their goals and dreams while debating issues facing today’s society.

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