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infact i loved the story so much that when it ended i cried for 2 reasons: 1# is because of phil and smiley coming together and 2# because it ended. To make a long story short, this series is the Harry Potter of Newgrounds. It really shows how people love simple characters for role models rather than grand heroes.

Whether you want a whole collection of love riddles for use in your classroom on Valentine’s Day, or if you are looking for one or two very powerful riddles to use on an important upcoming date, the resources above will help you find the perfect one.

Below are a few ideas for a creative love riddle to make your date chuckle and break the ice.

The answer to all of these is "Love": If you aren’t feeling very confident about coming up with good riddles yourself, there are plenty of websites out there that can help you either come up with ideas, or you can take the riddles there and use them during your date.

When the mood is light, the perfect way to take advantage of the tone of the conversation, and let your date know how you feel, is to rattle off a creative riddle about love.

Not only does it introduce the concept of "love" into the conversation in a non-threatening way, but it also lets your date know that you really are capable of thinking abstractly – and not just about football and beer!

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