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This is slow, melancholic music full of minor chords. Bach as interpreted by someone from a generation grown up on the dark side of the moon.Those tracks mostly set the standards for Tableau No. Just like Laurent Thibault's album, this is a work challenging the boundaries between classical and rock. It's a work (in three movements) of deep emotion and great dynamics from calm solo electric piano to full-strength pirouettes from the guitarist with full backing from the other musicians.The first line-up (early 1970) included Auffredo, Suzan, Duplant and two ex-members of Alan Jack Civilization: Claude Olmos (guitar) and Jean Falissard (drums).

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Many had a characteristically keyboard-dominated sound, utilizing the freshly introduced polyphonic synthesizers.

Acintya combined the floating and romantic sound (dominated by violin and synthesizers) of Wapassou with the more rhythmic approach of Shylock.

Their album La Cite Des Dieux Oublies contained only three long tracks, often constructed like suites (in this case a major composition made up of different melodic sections).

Their musical influences were both the well-knowns of the British progressive rock scene (Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, EL&P) and a broad range of classical composers (Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky).

Some were entirely instrumental (Shylock, Acyntia), though others also used vocals to some degree (Wapassou, Pulsar, Atoll, Artcane, Skryvania).

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