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Acintya combined the floating and romantic sound (dominated by violin and synthesizers) of Wapassou with the more rhythmic approach of Shylock.Their album La Cite Des Dieux Oublies contained only three long tracks, often constructed like suites (in this case a major composition made up of different melodic sections).The album has its moments but is the work of a young group struggling to find their own identity.They were ambitious to attempt large scale compositions but sometimes lacked sufficiently convincing melodic material.The English lyrics version of the album is very rare.Alice belonged to the first generation of French rock groups along with Martin Circus, Alan Jack Civilization and Systeme Crapoutchik.

Two tracks are totally different, comprising classical music played by strings only.If you have the ability to dive into his serious state of mind, you will love it.Others will accuse the album of being too romantic, poetic and pathetic.Alice's greatest strength was their talent for songwriting, composing songs with an instant appeal.Their music was lively and rural with some hippie vibes, maybe closest to Traffic's second album.

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