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Try to disable Trend Micro by right click Trend Micro icon in the system tray (lower right corner) and uncheck "Protection Against Viruses & Spyware".

Remember to enable Trend Micro again after you tried this.

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to check if your Apple software update is up-to-date as this is the basic requirement if you wish to install or upgrade your i Tunes on your Windows computer. Firstly, navigate to your start menu and from there tap on “All Programs” and then tap Apple Software Update.

Now here you can see that there is any newer edition offered to you by Apple, if Yes, it must be listed down in the available upgrades then simply choose the Apple Software Update and reject all the other options.

Now, Modify the contents to gain whole access to: C: Users App Data Local Microsoft Windows or C: Users App Data Local Temp In this, 1) Confirm that the hidden files and folders are displayed in the Windows 2) Click and Open Windows Explorer and find the above-stated file 3) Now, the Local Properties pop-up window can be seen on the screen by right clicking the file 4) Here, choose the option Security.

5) Tap Edit and you will see that the contents of the Local pop-up window will be shown 6) Further, just choose the desired user from the list of usernames 7) Make sure that the checkbox to allow to gain overall access is initiated, else initiate it.

As an additional guide, you may refer to the link below for detailed steps on how to enable/disable your Trend Micro program: Disabling or enabling your Trend Micro Security software Once the Trend Micro program is disabled, you may try to install the update for your i Tunes to check if the issue still persist.

We guess you would like to know what is it that is causing this fault if you aren’t doing anything different or wrong on your part.

Hi @J and N Larson and welcome to Trend Micro Community!

I understand that you want to know if your Trend Micro program is causing the issue with your i Tunes. Thank you very much @Jhja for your very helpful answer with regards to this post.

To understand how the procedure flows, just keep reading: 1) To start, from the official website of Microsoft simply Download Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall Utility and then install it. 5) Then pause for the troubleshooting to execute 6) If the fault is resolved, you will be able to witness the notification as follow: 7)However, If the issue still persists then, in this case, we suggest contacting Apple Support for more assistance.

When this finish, click the icon twice to start this program. 3) Now by choosing“Uninstalling”, make a choice of the program you wish to uninstall and click “Next”. We believe these methods would have given some kind of help to get rid of this fault.

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