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It's okay if you're actually average or even well endowed.Let's take a look at some common misconceptions about cuckolding so that you can better communicate your needs.

Yes, there are dominant women who will take you with a strap-on before cuckolding you, but there are also plenty of women who enjoy cuckolding and are submissive.Yes there's a brick load of porn dedicated to this, but many cuckolds could care less about the color of their girlfriend or the skin color of their wive’s lover.One of the universals of cuckolding is the rush from thinking about one's significant other all turned on, horny and seemingly willing to do almost anything for another man.It’s so fuckin funny and pathetic to see how these little white boys are extremely envious of these chocolate dicks that I love to bounce my hott body on top of.Some women enjoy tiny weenies but I am definitely not someone who does!

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