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There is no information available about Peter, and he is only known for being the boyfriend of Pam Grier.In 2014, Pam addressed a rumor regarding her boyfriend and cleared up about it in twitter.However, her engagement couldn't take another step; which was getting married and the couple called it quits the following year, failing to become husband and wife.Her engagement and plans to have babies was not the only thing she revealed with Jet as she also had a chat about her death-defying experience with cancer.In her past, she had loads of relationships, and there was a time when she got engaged.In April of 1998, Pam revealed to Jet on 13th April 1998 about her engagement to Kevin Evans and her plans to have babies.We’re glad they did, because far too many celebs choose to be silent about such horrific social injustices, out of fear of losing fans, endorsements, and work and that’s really sad. I.” Harris Jr., with divorce, even going so far as to file paperwork in December 2016 and proceed with ?

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She is a daughter and one of four children to her nurse mother Gwendolyn Sylvia and her father Clarence Ransom Grier, Jr., a sergeant in the U. She pursued acting as her career from a very young age although it was only during the 70s that she rose to popularity.For example, we can look at her sultry and bold characters on stage, based on stories of Crime, Drama, and Blaxploitation.However, it is kind of shocking to learn that this iconic woman is not married, even at the age of 67 years old and sadly, Pam stays mum about the reason.After yet another shooting by police of unarmed Black therapist, Charles Kinsey (who was fully complying with officers- hands raised, lying on his back, while calming his autistic patient), Pam Grier reacted on social media and asked a potent question.She’s not alone either, other celebs, including Donnie Simpson, Shonda Rhimes, Gabrielle Union, and many more, publicly voiced their outrage over Kinsey’s shooting. " Many of her followers shared her same sentiment... For the past two years, we’ve been watching Tameka “Tiny” Harris threaten her rapper hubby, Clifford “T.

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