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Pam has dated many well-known figures in Hollywood, who never said anything to raise suspicion towards her sexual orientation.

Apart from Kevin Evans, Pam dated Late actor Freddie Prinze, and Pam was together for a brief between 19. However, the relationship ended in the same year after Pam could not take Richard's cocaine addiction and had it enough after Pam discovered cocaine residues in her body. Pam also dated Kareem Abdul-Jabbar both of them were college lovers and dated while they were in college.

For the modern people, media is the source of truth and-and in this busy era people tend to believe whatever they read in the magazine or on the internet.

However, things get out of control at times because of so many false rumors and hoax that surround the lives of many celebrities.

Pam Grier is a revolutionary actress, who has made a legacy in her 45 years career as an actress.

Most of her roles in movies were unique because of the style and appearance she possesses.

As every good thing has its consequences, some people were and still are blindfolded by the character Pam played on-screen and forgot the fact that TV roles and real life are completely different and we can prove that by the examining the rumors of Pam being a real-life lesbian.

If you look at her dating history with men, the rumors have no grounds to stand on.

She’s not alone either, other celebs, including Donnie Simpson, Shonda Rhimes, Gabrielle Union, and many more, publicly voiced their outrage over Kinsey’s shooting. " Many of her followers shared her same sentiment... For the past two years, we’ve been watching Tameka “Tiny” Harris threaten her rapper hubby, Clifford “T.Legendary actress Pam Grier is lending her name to the national event (which now takes place in over 60 cities) for the fifth year in a row, which she told us has a lot to do with her being a cancer survivor.“Knowing what happened when I was ill,” Pam said, “knowing that people were afraid of ‘the C word’ in 1988.I thought I had more friends and it’s very difficult for family to take time off to help you in your recover and I realized that no matter how much money you have, sometimes it’s the dear closest people to you that can’t be there.She revealed that Freddie wanted her to have his baby. However, the exact date of the birth of their romance is missing.Both Kareem and Pam did not mention the reason for the split, but Pam did mention that Kareem wanted her to convert her to Islam.

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