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Mohammad Kamand is preparing a young man for marriage at Tebyan, a government-approved website where arranged unions are strongly favoured over love matches. Profile pictures are forbidden and parents must accompany would-be couples on their first dates.The aim of this website is to use Islamic principles to get single young people together.She made clear that a boy with good morals but no education would not be good enough.Ms Lofti attends compulsory classes on marriage at her university.There Ali Sabor, a professor of Islamic teaching, tells students: “Sexual desire must be controlled.The best way to fulfil your sexual needs is marriage.” Despite the disapproval of the authorities, more and more young Iranian couples are living together outside of marriage.

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Zohre’s final price was 114 gold coins, amounting to roughly ,000, compared with the 14 coins originally offered by Ali’s family.This is the Tebyan office, a Government run online Islamic dating institute.Apparently Iran is facing a marriage crisis so authorities have decided to step in and play cupid.ALI JAFARI, TRANSLATOR: Definitely, and I have plenty of reasons for it.Apparently this Government website set up 250 marriages this year.

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