Online dating for interracial couples

In fact, a recent study suggested that Tinder, and the resulting increased popularity of dating apps, may be responsible for an increase in interracial marriages.

Then, once approved, the new emoji would need to be standardized across platforms.

We want to foster an inclusive and diverse community of people on our platform that supports each other, no matter what our similarities or differences are.

Therefore, we commissioned the Global Tinder Survey on Interracial Relationships to find out more about how our users think, feel and connect -- and what we found were some intriguing results.

72% of those surveyed believe Tinder is the most racially diverse dating app, and 77% of Tinder users are very open-minded about who they date when using sites/apps.

The official emoji catalog accounts for all kinds of relationships, including same-sex couples and families, but it doesn't reflect interracial couples -- isn't that an odd omission in 2018? The dating site has launched a campaign to officially add interracial couple emoji to the Unicode Consorium's character set.

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