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He had extended the search to northern Mexico when the Mexican-American War broke out.Although he acted as a volunteer in several skirmishes during the war, he was promoted to the rank of colonel.It was originally named Woodland for Isaac and Catherine Wood, for their [Donation Land Claim" filed in 1853. de Lacey, an attorney and land developer wishing to develop the community, filed to have the name changed to 'Lacey'. He helped us finally correct the spelling of de Lacy's first and middle names: Walter Washington.But the name for the post office had to be changed as there was another Woodland in southern Washington, on the same railroad line. The town was distinguished as the best horse racing site on the west coast. de Lacy since this article was posted, and especially since one of his descendants contacted us: John De Lacy of Portland, Oregon, who traces his lineage back through his great-great grandfather, who was apparently W. He also supplied documents in which we discovered that de Lacy was born in Petersburg, Va., on Feb.When de Lacy reached Whatcom County, the first reports of placer-gold discoveries were coming in from the Fraser River district of British Columbia (B. Peabody, Charles Vail, and James Carr to "view" a road from Bellingham Bay to a crossing of the Nooksack River near what is now the Canadian border.After he connected the original Military Road with what since has been called Telegraph Road — named for the telegraph route instituted a decade later, de Lacy was soon hired by an ad hoc committee of boosters from the village of Whatcom.A grandson, Hugh de Lacy, received a Scottish royal land grant in Ireland in the 12th century and became the Lord of Math.

This city, located three miles east of Olympia (Sec.21, T18N, R1W), was incorporated in 1966.One odd detail popped out at us as we looked at the 1983 book by James W. Although his name on the legend is handwritten de Lacy, there is a De Lacey street on the map. Indeed, many records spell the de Lacy name with that variation. ) We also wonder if he was given lots during the boom for his efforts, partly in lieu for cash?We also know from author Percival Jeffcott's notes that de Lacy laid out the Guide Meridian Road north from Whatcom.It is now the second largest city in the county." We have not found any other reference to de Lacey after he signed the naming petition in 1891. 22, 1819, and that he died in Helena, Mont., on May 13, 1892.His early school years were spent in Norfolk, Virginia, on the Hampton Roads near the Elizabeth River and the mouth of Chesapeake Bay.

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