Ninja and yolandi dating

Besides him, Yolandi has never involved in any affairs to date. Yolandi was born on 1 December 1984, in Port Alfred, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

She was adopted along with her older brother by a local Christian minister and his wife.

Apart from that, there is not any information regarding her other body measurements.

Yolandi is pretty active on social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

Having a slim and slender body, she is a sex-bomb fitting in her unique dressing sense.

She can attract anyone easily which has made a lot of her fans following.

Back in 2016, Yolandi along with Ninja dragged into a huge controversy as their music video was complained of being disrespectful to Xhosa culture.Sixteen The delightful little girl with the snake around her neck in the latest music video by Die Antwoord is actually their real-life daughter. Her name is Sixteen (for real) and she also appears on the latest cover of Rolling Stone SA along with her parents.Here is the heartwarming family portrait: But several years ago, when Ninja was still known as Watkin Tudor-Jones and Yolandi Vi$$er as Anri du Toit, they also appeared in an issue of Obrigado Magazine. Sixteen was then known as Sixteen too: What does the future hold for this seven year-old? The 33-year-old South African singer, Yolandi is an unmarried woman.

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