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Like it or not, their first thought is, "Am I attracted to her? Women also want to feel that attraction, that chemistry, but we're not usually thinking about having sex with a guy when we first meet him. Most women do not realize this and mistakenly believe that the guy will take the time to get to know them and give them a few dates to see if she has qualities to be long-term girlfriend material. We are hoping that men will be masculine, confident, and chivalrous at every turn.Surprise, surprise—men and women think differently. Believe me, after nearly 10 years of coaching both men and women (and "informally" coaching, by growing up in a house full of four brothers and all their rowdy friends), I know there are some key differences with how each sex goes into dates, as well as what we're thinking on and after the date. We hope he has his sh*t together, that he will make us laugh, and somehow, magically, read our minds and anticipate our unspoken wants and needs.Understand the differences between both sexes' perspectives, and you'll be more successful in connecting with and attracting them. We want him to communicate with us in a way that feels like we've known each other for a long time.

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We met on OKCupid and two of my favorite things listed in the "7 things you couldn't live without" section of my profile were Art Deco and penguins.I was skeptical but when he showed up, I was impressed.I pretty much knew on the spot that I wanted to have sex with him; the only question was whether I’d have the opportunity to act on it.He actually went out and found me a vintage Art Deco penguin broach.It was nothing expensive but it was incredibly thoughtful, and definitely made him stand out from other dates.

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