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Simply hold down the period icon, ('.') , in the bottom left corner when sending an email to someone, so that a list of short-cuts appear.

These options will pop up on the screen: - from there, tap on whichever ending is needed and it will automatically add it to the end of the email address. While typing out an address in a browser, hold down the '.' to bring up different URL suffixes such as and other easy short-cuts.

Many people know that by tapping the screen when taking a photo on the i Phone, the camera automatically focuses on whatever focus was tapped on.

The only issue with this feature is that a variety of different aspects such as lighting or a shaky hand can make the yellow focus box disappear.

This is not just a hack, it is a life-changing revelation.

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That means that the focal point is locked in and you can move the phone any which way you want and it will not lose focus - brilliant.When using the Calculator app, it can get frustrating to mistype digits because once you've typed a number, in order to delete it you have to clear all progress.Fortunately there is a way to delete a single digit without having to hit clear (the C button) each time and start anew.This is one trick that many people probably know exists but aren't aware of the function.Usually the reachability feature happens by accident.

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