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Let's look at these extras, starting with the low-level interfaces.j Query's low-level AJAX interfaces provide the most detailed approach to AJAX functions.Take a look at the simplest of the low-level interfaces, .This is very convenient if you need to make repeated AJAX requests to the same URL or use the same password each time you make a request.j Query's You will find many cases where loading and running scripts on the fly will enhance your Web sites and applications.Next, you'll turn your attention to many of j Query's AJAX extras and learn how to apply them practically.

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A simple query form might look like the one shown below: This is a series of 3 scripts used to make changes to fields in the database.

The process of updating or editing a record or row of a table makes use of the trusty mysql_query() function.

In the syntax shown below we see that the UPDATE procedure requires the SET and WHERE definitions to pinpoint the changes.

Then we create a while loop, insert a basic html form inside and use PHP echo statements in the value field to display existing data.

We also make use of a new function The form shown above accepts the changes and calls the processing form birthdays_change_The user makes changes to the desired field or fields and clicks the Submit button to pass the information to the processing script.

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