Motorola q not updating on exchange sql updating joined tables

According to the discussion on the official Moto forum, it seems that the updates are inconsistent. Source OTA updates are typically incremental...6.0.1 can only be installed over 6.0.0, and 6.0.0 can only be installed over 5.1.1, and typically more than just version has to match, the exact build number must match as well.However, if you read an email on the Q, it DOES change on the Exchange server.So basically, if I read my email through Outlook all day, then go and check my Q later on, it still shows that I haven't read ANY of the emails that I actually did read earlier.You may also not be able to apply such a patch manually since manufacturer can require an update to check whether the currently installed build is compatible. When I go to About Phone and check for new OS software, I am being prompted that my software (6.0) is already up-to-date. It doesn't help knowing that all my acquaintances using the G3 had been automatically upgraded to 6.0.1 AGES ago. European devices are inconsistently on 6.0 and 6.0.1, even though the devices may be from the same country, purchased SIM free from retail, and on the same network.How come I am being constantly prompted to update to the buggy 6.0 instead of the rectified 6.0.1? However, when I go to About Phone and check for new OS software, I am being prompted that my software is already up-to-date. Let's take it this way: Assume that these are the Android versions - build numbers for your device: Android 5.1.1: build LJKRTY; Android 6.0.: build MOUIPV; Android 6.0.1: build MOUIPW When you would switch from build LJKRTY to MOUIPV a lot of the files required for Android 6.0 would be upgraded. By the way, it is possible that the update for 6.0.1 may be a full blown platform upgrade but your software updater is stuck at 6.0 simply because it is silly.Since the manufacturer came to know about a couple of bugs in the recent release, Now there is no point in applying a patch if at the first place both the vulnerable and relevant code isn't there. You can attempt to clear its data (if it is a separate app), force stop it (or reboot) and attempt to check if it still requires to download Android 6.0.

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So I am ignoring the notifications, and have remained on 5.1.1. For many number of devices you would end up in same situation even if the first release of a platform upgrade was buggy.I applied this fix from Microsoft, and it has worked like a charm.It is still a beta hotfix so you have to request for them to send it to you. The Q stopped syncing about 3 weeks ago and he could get it working again.I then move all his contacts back and it syncs back perfectly! In between he can change and add contacts to his heart's content. It's not like there's a specific contact that's corrupt completely because we can sync the entire list back to the device after we've removed everything and synced. We're using a self-signed certificate installed with the verizon tool that's commonly used elsewhere and it all works.Nothing changes in this fix except for removing and resyncing the contacts.

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