Motorola q not updating on exchange

Not many happy Exchange users out there who bought a Droid. You can get mail into other folders by pressing 'Refresh' but new mail isn't being pushed. Does anyone else have any additional thoughts on this issue? not getting the notification when i get them is a pain. page=0,0 My FAQ on Activesync working, but not completely may be able to offer some suitable suggestions for this. From what I've been reading, Google has not fully implemented Exchange Activesync. I am in the same boat, Calendar, contacts, and Inbox work great. i use rules and most mail goes directly into subfolders.I then move all his contacts back and it syncs back perfectly! In between he can change and add contacts to his heart's content. It's not like there's a specific contact that's corrupt completely because we can sync the entire list back to the device after we've removed everything and synced. We're using a self-signed certificate installed with the verizon tool that's commonly used elsewhere and it all works.Nothing changes in this fix except for removing and resyncing the contacts.Manage them with an intuitive GUI and use handy built-in cropping and resizing options. I found that if did a hard reset and wiped the whole phone, it seemed to sync again for awhile.Link photos with users based on Azure AD attributes. However, within a couple of weeks I had the same error message again.

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I am the proud new owner of the Motorola Droid phone. I'm on a UK Moto G, 3rd gen, 8GB storage, 1GB memory, currently on Android 5.1.1. The 6.0 on Moto G 3rd gen has some bugs, like the shutter sound cannot be disabled. It depends upon the manufacturer pushing the update.So I am ignoring the notifications, and have remained on 5.1.1. For many number of devices you would end up in same situation even if the first release of a platform upgrade was buggy.I applied this fix from Microsoft, and it has worked like a charm.It is still a beta hotfix so you have to request for them to send it to you. The Q stopped syncing about 3 weeks ago and he could get it working again.

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