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The anger of narcissists is not only frightening, it is demeaning.

Their criticism evolves from their steadfast conviction that others don’t meet their high standards–or worse, that others aren’t letting them get their own way.

On rare occasions, such as when his self-esteem is especially high (perhaps through some positive feedback he has engineered), he will accept blame but only then if it can be seen as a magnanimous gesture.

A narcissist may do something egregiously abusive to you, yet when confronted will scream at you that she can’t believe you were so selfish as to upset her over such a trivial thing.

They will always blame you-even for their abuse toward you. If only you weren’t so difficult…you made her so upset she couldn’t think straight…your talking pushed him over the edge…and so on.

She thought you would be happy to let her do something nice for someone else.

The narcissist frequently explodes at his mate (“narcissistic rage”) for what appears to be no reason at all.

The narcissist’s rage erupts frequently and violently like a volcano, and those closest to him are the ones that catch his wrath.

So, if you want to date granny slags, it's quite important for you not to get too attached.

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