Matt logelin dating

If ever there was a moment that sums up the word bittersweet, this would be it.Matt was torn between the elation he felt at welcoming his new daughter into the world, who was alive and well, and the utter devastation he felt at losing his wife.Soon it would be Matt, Liz and their new bundle of joy. Something that would shatter their worlds and change the course of history forever.Unfortunately, Liz was finding this first pregnancy difficult.

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Attending different colleges meant they had to conduct a long-distance relationship between Minnesota, Chicago and California, which would have been tough.

His high school sweetheart, his best friend; she’d been taken from him so cruelly.

And Matt was going to have to raise his beautiful new daughter alone, something he’d never even considered before.

What had started as a way of documenting the travels he and Liz went on, became a totally unique parenting blog.

He would pour his heart and soul out over the devastation Liz’s death had caused him, and talk about life as a single parent and a widow.

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