Mandating community service is bad

Many students seem to agree with this stance as a survey conducted in 2002 by the Council for Excellence in Government Youth showed that a majority of high school aged students were against mandatory community service.Based on previous experiences, I am personally think community service should indeed be mandatory due to the benevolent effects it has on recipients.The community helps support school functions; their tax dollars provide their education.Performing community service gives the community a big thank you and helps create a positive community.For example, I know that our local churches and youth groups do community service annually.Doing things for the community can help introduce students to important people that may help them later in life.

Numerous schools across the country have mandated that in order for their students to graduate, they must complete a predetermined amount of community service.By KATRINA SPINELLIWindber Community service should absolutely be necessary in order to graduate high school.Most students already do community service outside of school or for school related functions so getting it done would not pose a significant problem.This illustrates how the previous generation placed a strong emphasis on community service.The onus is now on this generation and posterity to follow suit and mandatory community service is the best way to ensure that.

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