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That's easier said than done, however, since the gods made her leave her body behind and appear as nothing more than a head in a flowerpot.

Personally, I think is a better disembodied love story, but this is a close second.

You can dress her up in different hats and jewelry, or place her in different locations around your house.

And no matter which hot hospital worker you choose, the simple thought exercise of giving up revenge and embracing forgiveness in the face of love is fascinating. " Such is the tagline of free-to-start mobile app The Niflheim , in which you play as a nondescript Princess waking up in the afterlife after a 1,000-year-long slumber.

What you account for in your master plan was falling in love along the way.

I don't care who you are - that's a damn intriguing premise, and Kiss of Revenge does even more to invite players in by offering the prologue for free on i OS and Android.

Play this one with an open mind, and an open heart.

Supports the love between: A guy and his disembodied head/potted plant Humanity's days are numbered.

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    Should they look elsewhere, asking friends to set them up or striking up conversation at a bar instead of going online?

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    Sa loob ng maraming dantaon maraming mga haka-haka ang nabuo: Ang iskolar sa panahon ng Renaissance na si Antonio de Nebrija ay nagmungkahi na ang salitang Hispania ay nagbago mula sa salitang Iberia na Hispalis, na nangangahulugang "lungsod ng kanluraning daigdig." Ikinakatuwiran naman ni Jesús Luis Cunchillos na ang pinag-ugatan ng salitang span ay ang salitang Penisyo (Phoenician) na spy, na nanganahulugang "maghinang ng mga metal." Samakatuwid, ang i-spn-ya ay nangangahulugang "ang lupaing pinaghihinangan ng mga metal." Maaari rin hango ito sa salitang Puniko na I-Shpania (אי שפניא), na nangangahulugang "pulo ng mga kuneho", "lupain ng mga kuneho", isang pagtukoy sa pook ng Espanya sa dulo ng Mediteraneo; ang mga baryang Romanong natagpuan sa rehiyon mula sa paghahari ni Hadrian ay kakikitaan ng babaeng dibuho na may kuneho sa kanyang paa, at tinawag ito ni Strabona "lupain ng mga kuneho." Ang Hispania ay maaaring hango sa paduláng paggamit (poetic use) ng salitang Hesperia, na ipinakikita sa pagtingin ng mga sinaunang Griyego sa Italya bilang "Lupang kanluran" o "lupang nilulubugan ng araw" (Ang Hesperia, o Ἑσπερία sa Griyego) pati sa Espanya, na bahagi ng dulong kanluran, bilang Hesperia ultima.

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