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Skyline Webcams are excellent so shout it out.__ Shauna, might I suggest you get in touch with the zip line people and have them get in contact with SL. En Joy En Joy3nov17--I added a capture to ' photos ' trying to show a yacht which changed colours , right through the rainbow of colours.

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I wasn't in full screen , my paint program was not clean , and this capture did not go smoothly.

I do want to point out that c Rane I highlighted in red , but not in any of my captures , but in LOU's 'photos' labeled , in his capture the crane sort of blends in with the marina's edge and building. I think you are talking about the two Dence Fog captures , yes cool photos , but nothing like watching it happen real time.

I highlighted the crane in my capture so I could point to LOU's. The first morning I watched from not a bit of fog till what you see in that capture, the second morning I tuned in as some fog was already there but it built to even higher heights. To have that crane appear from out of no where was at first a bit creepy , eeps , and I could be wrong ( and frequently am wrong ) but I believe the crane is used by the window washer teams.

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