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Additionally, your agents can have quick access to knowledge base articles within their Agent Console.More Details Audio & Video Chat enables you and your visitors to talk over chat with a simple click.It’s not so much your weight as the amount of fat around your middle that matters — waist measurement is a better predictor of heart disease than BMI (body mass index) because it can point to visceral fat, the dangerous fat around the organs.In a study of 40 post-menopausal women who did strength training, twice a week for 30 minutes, she found after a year ‘their bodies had become 15 to 20 years younger (in terms of restoring muscle mass) and they all regained bone density instead of losing it, as women normally do at that age.’The body’s ability to synthesise vitamin D from sunlight is reduced with age, and lower levels affects your immunity and bones.’ says Hugh Pennington, emeritus professor of bacteriology at the University of Aberdeen.squatting — lowering yourself as if to sit on a chair, hovering, then standing again — is widely regarded as the single most effective muscle-strengthening exercise of all (and the closest one movement gets to a full-body exercise).

This helps you shorten handle time, lower service costs and decrease training costs.It allows you to implement an effective and streamlined workflow that suits your business.More Details Comm100 Knowledge Base allows you to offer a self-service option to your customers through a knowledge base search function within the chat window prior to chatting.Researchers at Harvard Medical School believe antioxidants in tea may help the blood vessels relax.A recent study from Harvard Business School of people who slept for seven hours or less a night found that going to bed an hour earlier led to a significant drop in blood pressure (and risk of heart attack and strokes).

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