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We relentlessly hunt animals to death even when they are protected.Some people poach animals; killing them to gain profit of some kind. Elephant’s tusk or a gorilla’s hand.) Sometimes an animal becomes extinct because it loses its habitat, Unfortunately, there seem to be many people who think that only governments and big companies in general should do something to conserve the environment. Every single individual is actually able to participate in protecting this planet from pollution and suffocation caused by all kinds of residues and waste “produced” by the Almost all adventure seekers enjoy mountain trekking.According to the British scientists, such plant-like creatures also known as tunicates possess incredible regeneration properties.The star-shaped holes (Catellocaula vallata) in this Upper Who would have thought that a dog could ever get to cost almost one million pounds?

Their beauty can often be deceiving since their hairs often contain venom which can be poisonous to humans and predators.

Although this may not be anything new – for fifteen minutes, the spaceshuttle fired the main engine in order to enter Mercury’s orbit.

An image of the planet Mercury, taken from MESSENGER in 2008 “The Messenger spacecraft went into orbit around Mercury tonight; we can Off the coasts of northwestern Russia, marine biologist Alexander Semenov has discovered varieties of beautiful species that have not been captured on film.

Michael Karazin, 39, said race was a non-issue to him until their kids were born and they decided to move for a better school system to the mostly white town of Temecula, near San Diego.

Concerned the children might not feel comfortable, they contacted the local NAACP chapter to learn if there had been hate crimes in the area and scoped out the school and playgrounds to make sure theirs wouldn't be the only biracial kids (it turned out to be a very welcoming and open-minded community, the Karazins said).

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